A friend indeed

I study in a co – ed school and we always play with the boys during the break. Roham is a boy who I usually do not like much, because he behaves as if he knows everything on this earth as both his parents are doctors. Suddenly, as I was hiding behind the big Peepal tree of our school round, while playing hide and seek, Roham pulled me back gently. I was furious and slapped him hard because my parents are also learned and they have taught me good touch and bad touch. But what happened next was overwhelming for me. Roham told me that I should immediately meet Ms. Shirley in the dispensary of our school and get some change for myself. I was surprised and rather startled as he never showed any reaction even after getting slapped. But somehow, I felt like listening to him and immediately went to Mam. Mam guided me through of how to wear a sanitary napkin and even gave me an extra school skirt. I came out of the dispensary, crying and very upset and saw Roham standing outside. Seeing him, I felt embarrassed and low. Roham came up and told that its okay and very natural, even his elder sister had been through this last week. That was my first day of menstruation.