Our Reach

  • States: 4
  • Districts: 25
  • Schools: 203
  • Students: 108000+
  • Households: 60700+

Social Media Calendar

Nirman Foundation observes various national and international days which are linked to key issues and areas that are closely linked with our values as an organisation. As part of our communication and intervention strategy, we leverage social media to share content on these key days as well as conduct on-ground programmes from time to time.

Earth Day

Although not necessarily an environmental organisation, we understand and value the importance of protecting our planet and the delicate ecosystems at risk due to man-made issues such as pollution and climate change. In addition to social media content, we also try and engage with community through initiatives like our awareness program with 110 students in the year 2019 at Kumar Ashutosh Institute for Girls, Dum Dum and Rebuild Foundation, Mahestala.

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World Toilet Day

Every year 19th November, Nirman Foundation joins countless other organisations and stakeholders in observing “World Toilet Day”. This day is extremely relevant for us given our own communication work on sanitation and open defecation. We leverage social media to share engaging content on this topic to engage a larger audience on why this matters to us all.

Women’s Day

Every year, Nirman Foundation celebrates woman’s day through a series of programmes engaging at the community level as well as on virtual platforms. Each year Nirman Foundation identifies new themes for the communication outreach on Women’s Day, celebrating the accomplishments of women pioneers and inspiring a new generation to take the journey forward.

Hand Washing Day

With the current Covid Pandemic, proper handwashing discipline has gone from good-to-have to life saving. Even before this current crisis, Nirman Foundation has always championed sanitation and especially hand washing among children and the community at large to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. In the year 2020, our organization conducted an online programme with the children of a school in Purulia, to celebrate this day through 20 seconds of handwashing while singing their favourite songs as an initiative of Unlocking Dialogues.

Nirman Foundation also celebrates other important social days.